Why Plastic?


Having researched the inner-workings of the typical pharmacy, we are proud to excel at conforming to your specific utilization of space and work dynamic.  We offer a small assortment of receptacles to suit your needs:

We offer one of 2 sizes of primary
collection receptacles for quick and
efficient collection:
In addition, we supply a large secondary collection receptacle - a wire frame to contain a 20kg capacity bag for easy filling and expedient carryout:

For high volume establishments requiring larger receptacles, we offer:

A primary or secondary bin to
store about 20 kg or 83 L.
    A secondary bin to store about
50 kg or 150 L.
A secondary bin to store about
60 kg or 210 L.
A secondary bin to store about
100 kg or 380 L.

Collection cost varies depending on the frequency of pickups and your establishment’s region.  Pickups may be regular or by call-in to our 24 hour automated telephone service.  Generally, pickups take place within 24-72 hours of the call-in request.


Currently, our company services most of the Vancouver Lower Mainland region.  Prices are region specific.  Please contact us for a rate quote.

Temporary Technician Staffing

As a side service to our waste disposal service, we pride ourselves on being pharmacy professionals as well.  We offer technician staffing needs for those pharmacies that require vacation fill-ins.  Please inquire with us for geographical availability and rates.